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5 The Parade   Tattenham Way   Tadworth   KT20 5NG    Tel 01737 361 734

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Indian head massage  |  £20  25mins

Promotes the growth of thick healthy hair. A very benificial technique involving massage to the shoulders, neck, face and scalp relieving tension or stress in these areas.


Moroccan oil scalp massage  |  £20 40mins

Rich mineral Moroccan oil lavishly applied to cleanse the hair and scalp,


Foot massage  |  £20  25mins

Lie back and have your aching feet and legs massaged to remove tension and fatigue.                                            


Back massage  |  £25  25mins

A stress relieving, invigorating back massage, to loosen those tight and tense muscles. Leaves you feeling calm, relaxed, revitalised and at the same time removes aches and pains. Ideal after a hard day.


Full body massage  |  £35  55mins  |  £53  1h 25mins

Complete stress therapy, aids lymph drainage, tension relief, soothes aching muscles, general aches and pains. Exfoliates the skin, moisturising it with oils. An excellent invigorating treatment for a well being boost.    





Hot Stone Massage  | £35  25mins   £45  55mins

Hot Basalt stones are anointed with fragrant oils. providing a deeper massage into the muscle than conventional techniques. A Soothing warm sensation that penetrates and leaves you relaxed and refreshed.


Pregnancy Massage  |  £55  50mins

Soothing oils gently massaged into arms, legs, back and the tummy.


Aromatherapy  |  £45  55mins

Full body massage using a unique blend of essential oils.



'Just had an amazing back & head massage,

Thank you Sharleen i am feeling all revitalised now.'